Applying for more grants and Muskrat habitat

Hi all,
We have just applied for another grant to the DEP’s 319 Non-Point Source Pollution program.  This program is designed to fund water quality improvements through stormwater changes, among other things.
Our grant focuses on shoreline erosion, repair, and the improvement of two areas which drain directly into Martins Pond: Traveled Way to the Boat Ramp outfall, and Lakeside to the Poplar Terrace outfall, both of which deposit tons of sediment into Martins Pond.
The grant also addresses shoreline residents efforts and challenges to keep up their properties preserving habitat and preventing erosion.  We will keep our fingers crossed and will find out in August whether we are chosen for this extremely competetive grant.
Speaking of great habitat, as you are boating past the island, notice a muskrat mound right in the middle.  This is their lodge.  Muskrats are great swimmers and often people thing they’ve seen a small beaver, but have actually witnessed a muskrat swimming through the pond.  They eat aquatic vegetation, so they are a welcome member of our Martins Pond family I think you’d agree!  They grow up to two feet long, with glossy rich brown fur, and a long rat like tail.  Keep an eye out.
If you have any Martins Pond wildlife photos, please email them to me with location and dates to
Thanks and have fun on the pond,

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