Happy "wet" Fall!

Hi everybody,
Well so far we got through I think the wettest October in history without a flood.  I want do acknowledge the diligent water level and beaver watching done by Paul Cameron.  Of course, his house is impacted when it floods, however he has worked extremely hard every week to watch water levels, look for new beaver activity at old an new sites, and helping to keep the water flowing.  At his urging, Wilmington agreed to remove the boards which dam up Martins Brook a month early, just before the last batch of rain.  Although water levels are now pretty high, they reflect a saturated watershed, not our individual problems.  The beaver dam which we breached last year had to be breached again, as it is a favorite spot for the critters, and thanks to the Strong family, it was done very safely.
Our Childrens Haunted Playground went off despite rain and after seeing 30 degree temperatures and SNOW the next week, we are all glad we went for it. About 500 die-hard fans came out and we had a blast!  Special thanks to our tour guides and Alcatraz Prison crew, who were soaked through and shivering by the end of the night.
Many houses are for sale around the pond, and I’ve been in touch with some realtors to discuss Conservation rules. I hope we get some new active recruits!
We are finishing up our Supplementary Funding Project.  The project report should be on the website in about a month.  The most visible part of it for folks around the pond have been the harvesting and the new dock at the park.  Many other wonderful things were done and hope you’ll visit the site again to check it out.
We are holding a Tree Ceremony at Clarke Park on Saturday, Nov 5th, in honor of our dear friend and “Mayor of Martins Pond” Fran Mitchell.  Please come down if you can at 11AM for a short dedication.  Shhhhh, it is a surprise for Fran.
Thanks for continuing to support the Pond,
Janet Nicosia

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