DEP Project Update: Martins Pond Assessment and Remediation Project

I just wanted to update you on the status of this great project:

We have submitted a draft to Gary Gonyea at DEP, and he and Dr. Mark Mattson (who has been working on this all along with Merrimack) replied with comments for the final draft.

The final report should be available in May. In my opinion, the most beneficial remediation that could take place for Martins Pond, would be sewering.

Thanks again for all your help in this and many other issues.

Another note, we will be studying the hydroraking of the channel this Spring and will present to Con Com a proposal to clear and reestablish the channel of Martins Brook, inundated with weeds. I know the Environmental Bond opportunity may be dwindling, or even gone, but we will prepare a proposal and cost estimates anyway by this summer and then may be again asking for your help in funding. This is a long term goal of ours and the Town’s.

We will also be applying again for a 319 Non Point Source Pollution grant to work on shoreline erosion and retrofit for the 3 outfalls which dump road runoff directly into the pond.

Best Regards,
Janet Nicosia
Martins Pond Association
Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee

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