Community Septic Program

Save money and keep the area clean.  Lida and I are  working on a Community Septic Pumping Program.  She has secured a neighborhood deal of $100 for 1000 gallon tank, or $150 for 1500 gallon tank.  We will be firming up the dates because you will need to be ready for it during a one or two week span in April 2006.  You must dig up your cover yourself and have it ready by the date given.  This deal is for Martins Pond area residents, including all houses reachable off Burroughs Road, and those reachable off the west side of Route 28 from Burroughs up to Bachelder Ave
Title V requires that septic tanks be pumped every 3 years.  Many companies and environmental groups suggest every 2 years.  And if you have a very old system even more frequently may be prudent.  Join us and save cash this spring.  If you want to join the “list” please email me at which is also a link on this site.
Especially important are those houses along the pond.  Get the word out!

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