Winterfest & Ice

The Winterfest went great!  Thanks to all of you who came.  Several people came who were new to the neighborhood or looking to buy in the neighborhood and were very impressed with the friendly atmosphere.
Many people ask about ice safety and whether we, as a group, check the ice and offer any official readings.  Below is my response:
Ice thickness varies by current, sunlight, etc. and thickness is not a definitive indication of strength. As we have warm days, even thicker ice can become “rotted” containing fissures and liquid running through it.

There are many websites on the net with regard to ice safety. I understand people wanting to know about how thick “the ice” is, however we will not publish ice thickness because it is only as accurate as the location and time of your ice hole.

Visit sites on the web, particularly those by Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, because they are the lands of 1000 lakes and have good sites regarding ice. Measure yourself.

No Martins Pond Association member can give out official readings, and for liability reasons and the simple fact of the variability of ice, we cannot.

Sorry this is not a great answer, you must make your own decisions regarding going out on ice in winter. Making the wrong decision could cost your life.

See you around,


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