Thanks to many of you who came to the presentation by the North Reading Waste Water and Stormwater Advisory Committee.
It was very informative.  Below I’m going to try to summarize what was said.  There will be more presentations and the plan is still changing so none of this is quite written in stone yet.
If all goes well we could have sewer in 3 years.  IF the town supports it, if the article is ready for next April Town Meeting, IF many, many of you and others show up to vote in support, IF it needs an override and passes.  The idea is a year to get to a vote, then after a yes vote a year to plan, then a year to build.
Only streets in our area that need sewer will get it.  The exact plan is not yet released, but most likely if you are on a side street where there is ample room for a septic, they will not run sewer down your street.  Shore Rd, Travelled, Lakeside, Burroughs are definitely IN the plan.
Once a sewer connection is AVAILABLE to you, you then owe the Town a betterment.  Betterment means that your property and thus its value has been increased.  The betterment will be somewhere in the range of $10-15 thousand dollars and its payment can be spread over 20 years onto your taxes.
There is a question whether once the sewer is AVAILABLE to you, must you then hook up?  There may be an inspection required so that all failing systems must hook up.  For the sake of all our health we do not want failing systems to remain unimproved.
You will need to pay a plumber to hook you up, to pipe from your home’s wastepipe to the sewer hookup at your lot line.  This could cost $2-3 thousand one time cost.  If we do this as a neighborhood, we will definitely get a better deal.
Then, once you start using the sewer, your water bill will reflect your sewer cost.  You are charged for water coming in at a higher rate because most of that water will go out in the sewer.  Sewer bills are typically $400-800 I think per year.  This I’m not totally clear on.
Sump pumps cannot be hooked up to the sewer lines.  If you have further questions you may email our Water Superintendent Mark Clark at and he will be happy to addres your individual concerns.
We thank the Committee for coming to present to us, and look forward to seeing this move ahead.

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