FEMA declaration – note from NR Fire Chief

Could you send this out to your neighbors:

   The Federal Government finally declared this county a disaster area and the federal programs will begin to become available.  To qualify and apply, residents should call the FEMA hot line at 1-800-621-3362 to get additional information and apply.  Applications can also be made on line a www.fema.gov .

   Once applications are received, FEMA representatives will come out to inspect the claims before processing any assistance.  I suggest that anyone wanting to apply should do so as soon as possible as there will be a large volume of claims coming from the region.

   Again, I urge everyone to document their losses with pictures to assist in speeding the process.

   Hope this is of some help.  Have a good weekend.

Dave Harlow, North Reading Fire Chief

(Note from Janet: I have many pictures if any of you feel you need some more documentation, between myself, Al, and the many others, we may have photos of your house.  Email me if you need any.)

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