A few notices before the latest facts:
Please no motor boats on the pond. Wakes are very, very damaging right now. Some people’s floor boards are only inches away from getting wet. 
Please travel slow through puddles. Please take only a RIGHT out onto Route 125.  Those few of you who would rather stop up traffic, ignore the sign and create unneccesary danger rather than drive up 125 a mile – Please change your mind and be courteous starting now.  It is very easy to turn around at the State Police barracks light or the rest area.
Thank you to all of you who have followed the rules, been kind to neighbors, offered your homes to evacuated friends, and checked on eachother’s property.  Especially those who showed the ropes to our many new neighbors who were shocked by this event.  The good has by far outweighed the bad. 
Thank you to the Fire Dept for being constantly visible and helpful, and for the DPW for trying to keep up and keeping the emergency exit in good condition.
Now the facts:
When I read the gauge today at Lakeside it was at 79.2 feet above sea level.  That is 79feet, 2.4 inches.  So then I hammered in a gauge across from my house on the utility pole and marked feet and inches from 79 to 80.  I didn’t feel like converting to decimals so I just used regular inches.  Too tired.  Anyway.  I’ve been watching this all day.  It has not yet hit 79 feet 3 inches, so water levels have barely moved since about noon.  I will report in the AM what I see then. Hoping for the best.
Mrs. Kittredge who has lived on Batchelder Ave for over 70 years reports that this is the worst flood since 1936.  This experience is mirrored all around this part of the state. 
If you feel you are eligible for flood assistance, or if you are wondering, call FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA or look on the web at http://www.fema.gov/news/disasters_state.fema?id=25
Below is the link to MEMA
Remember you must bring your kids to and from school.
Best regards,
Janet Nicosia

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