Burroughs Road will be closed soon. Rt 28 is closed at the Andover line. School bus service has been cancelled for Martins Pond area buses 2,9,11 and vans. You must bring your children to and from the schools. Please tune in to local radio and TV channels tomorrow for possible school closings.

This is a horrendous storm. Many people have been forced to evacuate and many, many homes are flooded all over North Reading. People who never got water before have full basements. Many who tried to sand-bag are having a hard time keeping up.

Right now the pond is at 77.9 feet above sea level. The last major flooding for which we have any numbers for, we estimate waters rose to 78.6. Waters may rise for several days more.

Thank you to all of you who have helped your neighbors, to our great DPW who has done their best to help people, fire dept, Reading Light, and many others.

Once the roadway in front of the pumping station on Lakeside is impassable, the only way out for those of you on Lakeside Boulevard, will be up and over Poplar Terrace, down Old Andover,to the Rt125 access. Please take a right onto rt 125 to avoid collisions.  Stay safe.

Pray for sun,


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