Well, we are definitely flooding, and it’s a big one.
You may remember I quoted 77 as the elevation at which roads flood.  As of 8AM today 5/14 Martins Pond is at 76.85.  Burroughs Road is flooded but passable near the Lakeside intersection.  Several homes at the end of Poplar Terrace on the water are completely surrounded by water.  Water has not yet overtopped Lakeside at the Pumping Station or at the Bridge on Burroughs.  Paul Cameron is out sand-bagging. DPW is getting ready to close the road when needed.  It’s real.
Our arch nemesis, the bridge on Rt 62 in Wilmington is beginning to back up flow as it does in flood events.  As of 8AM elevation upstream of the bridge was 75.6, this is higher than the bridge’s culvert opening.  Water levels on the downstream side of the bridge are at about 74.5 but hard to tell since the weirs cannot be seen. 
Elevation at Lakeside is 76.5, but will catch up to Martins Pond very soon.
Please be courteous of your neighbors and don’t splash through deep waters.  Just because your vehicle may have high clearance, the neighbor’s doorway may not.  And again, ONLY TURN RIGHT ONTO 125!!!

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