update 8am friday

Waters have receded to 78feet 4.5 inches, or 78.375 feet above sea level.
Yesterday at this time water levels were at 78 feet 8.5 inches or 78.71 feet above sea level.
We’ve dropped 4 inches in 24 hours.
FEMA and MEMA are visiting our neighborhood late AM early PM with the Fire Chief.  Some of you have responded that you will be there for them to come in and I’m giving them your names and addresses.  Please try to be at your home to show them in.  They are going to North Andover first, then here.  I’d expect they will be here within the 11-2 timeframe.
Even if you did not respond, but have damage, be on the lookout for them.  They are just doing an overview, but will enter some homes.

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