Update Sat 9AM 5/20

Water levels down to 78feet 1 inch.  down 3.5 inches from yesterday.
FEMA and MEMA toured the neighborhood yesterday with the Fire Chief, Town Manager, and Assessor.
Thanks you those of you who spoke to them, and thank you Ken for your report.  It was important that they see the faces connected with this loss and you all did that.
I gave both of them CD’s of all the pictures you all have sent me.  I also gave copies to Dave Hanlon, the Transcript, Brad Jones and Bruce Tarr.  Brad Jones and DPW are pushing the Route 62 issue.  Just a note, it was Brad who got those barrels removed on Rt 28.
As I mentioned before Trash pick up will take place tuesday.  Please no trash in barrels, bag it up so they can get this done easily and hold on to your recycling.

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