Grant award for Martins Pond $218,000

The Town of North Reading, Martins Pond Reclamation Study Commitee, Merrimack College Team has done it again!
We just received notification that our 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant application, named the Martins Pond Shoreline Restoration and Sedimentation Reduction Project has been recommended for funding by the DEP to the EPA.
This is a 3 year, $218,000 project consisting of:
Structural Stormwater improvements $153,500 improving the catch basins and outfalls that pour into Martins Pond so they contain less pollutants and sediment.
Clarke Park Rain Garden $5,000, to stop sand erosion, capture runoff, education.
No Wake Zones and Harvesting,  $9,000 to keep boats from sensitive areas, protect area around boat ramp.
Outreach $17,700 education, BMP training, workshops, advertisements, resident guide, presentations.
Shoreline Landowner BMPs $25,400 streamline permitting for fixing shoreline property, erosion controls, native plantings.
Admin $8,000 tracking, reporting, financial document controls.
Stay tuned, especially if you live on the pond or want to help.  This project will not start until this summer.

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