“…and a Great Blue Heron in an Oak Tree.”

What did you wish for?
Well, for the Poplar Terrace residents and friends who watched a Great Blue Heron in destress, caught about 50+ feet in an oak tree, we wished for a miracle.
Chris Shaw noticed the huge bird hanging from a caught wing way up an Oak on Christmas Eve morning. He called the Police and asked for assistance, then called the Fire Department. Scott and Anne Ronco called the Animal Rescue League, left a message at Animal Control. Mass Audubon was not available. No one appeared able to help. The thought of watching this bird suffer, with periodic fits of struggle, while we celebrated was painful.
Just when we thought it hopeless, our hearts were lifted by the sight of the North Reading Ladder Truck and North Reading Amial Control.
Capt. Nash tied off and cut the branch, lowered the bird down, and Carl Burg Jr. and John Burt caught it in a sheet, and examined the bird. Amazingly there was no fishing line or hooks that caused the snag. Ed Nicosia, Car Burg Jr. and John Burt saw that just the bird’s own feathers had somehow wrapped around the branch and the wing. Ed snipped the 3 feathers and the bird seemed to be fine otherwise, however very tired. Animal Control released the bird at Martins Pond so it could regain strength.
We cannot be assured of the future of this bird. However, later in the day the bird was gone from the Park; and yesterday a Great Blue Heron was seen perched, then flying over the pond. Birdwatchers: keep a lookout for him. He’s missing 3 feathers off the end of his left wing.
For all of us who love to see these great birds, we thank the North Reading Fire Department, Animal Control, and neighbor Chris Shaw for saving this bird, and our Christmas.
Poplar Terrace and friends

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