Update on issues

Below is an update on some issues:
Flooding – Paul Cameron and I attended a meeting at Town Hall with MEMA regarding DPW’s application for replacing the bridge at Rt 62 on 3/6/07.  Our project made the “first cut” and they were here to ask questions and visit the bridge. The meeting was very encouraging, and they said they expect to have a final list of projects chosen by early May.  One of the men had visited our neighborhood with FEMA during our flood and experienced first-hand the dangers of th e Rt 125 access and the lengthened duration.  I may be calling on those of you who were flooded to give us statements of losses, both reimbursed and non-reimbursed, for their cost-benefit analysis.  Paul and I will be meeting with Charlie Benevento within the next few weeks about beaver dams on his property and reaffirming his promise to be a part of the project, namely improving flow at his location as well.
Shoreline Restoration/Sedimentation Reduction Grant – WE NEED YOU to attend Town Meeting and vote for the Town to commit to its share of the 319 grant on April 9th at the High School.  If you have wanted to do something for Martins Pond, but haven’t had the time, please do this.  It is likely that it will be a 2/3 vote needed so every vote counts.  I would like to see 50 people from Martins Pond there – Yes YOU.  This will likely be a bonded article, and runs ov er 3 years at a total Town share of 0 to $166K.  Why the zero?  Because much of the $166K is in-kind services and volunteer hours, however, these finances must be accounted for.  I’m sure Dave Hanlon will explain it very eloquently at Town Meeting. I will give a short presentation about the project, and there is a great poster all about it at Town Hall.  Time for change!
Sewer – We are one step closer to sewering with the acceptance by the board of selectman on 3/5/07 of a $750K check from Lincoln Properties and their commitment to earmark that money towards the development of a wastewater treatment plant for “martins pond neighborhood and Rt 28 corridor.”
Martins Pond Assesment and Remediation Project is wrapping up this month with the finalization of our new Diagnostic and Feasibility Study.  I should have a final copy by Town Meeting, and we will have copies at the Library, and will try to get it on the website as well.  Dr. Lyon will be giving a presentation of findings to the Town some time in May and I will let you know more about that later, and perhaps if there is enough interest we can hold an evening presentation for Martins Pond residents.  The latest draft I’ve seen is over 200 pages.
What’s coming up for Clarke Park? The dock will be installed this spring, now that the permit is final and recorded.  Brian Wood will be installing a rain garden under our new grant (as long as YOU come to TM and vote!) and will add plantings around the dock and new sign at the entrance.  We thank Parks for the great sign and for putting us on it – we did not know that they were going to do this, a very nice gesture. We will be adding the State dock permit applicati on onto our website and encouraging everyone to get a dock permit – if they have not already.
What’s coming up for the pond? Dr. Lyon will do a survey in July of plants to see how the invasives are doing.  It is likely that harvesting will not be needed again soon.  We hope to do more hydroraking of the channel in Martins Brook to get to the blockage which holds back about 8 inches of height in certain rain events.  We will start working on the shoreline grant and will be soliciting for shore owners to participate in restoration and re-vegetation.  The r econstruction of the two major outfalls into Martins Pond will reduce the sedimentation of the pond by roughly 12 tons per year according to the Malcolm Pirnie sedimentation study.  Sediment is a vehicle for nutrients and pollution and this major change will be permanent.  We will just have to make sure the mechanisms are maintained properly for the most remediation possible. And of course this won’t happen unless the grant gets approved at Town Meeting April 9th.
If you read this to the end, you are a true friend…

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