Patriot’s Day rainfall at Martins Pond

I know many of us get tense as rains are predicted and certainly the Weather stations go into high gear.
Although this is a big storm which may affect septics, I do not believe we will flood.  Here are the totals… thanks to Larry who has a continuous rain gauge at Martins Pond.
So far in this storm, starting April 15th, we have received 2.82 inches of rain as of 7AM today.  Less than predicted.  However we did have an inch of rain back on April 12-13th some of which may not have all cleared out before this one started.
Water levels were at a good level before the rains started, 74.3 and Larry checked culverts for debris and they were clear.  Roadways begin to flood at 77.0.  
I’m really gonna stick my neck out and say that we usually see elevation gains about 3 times the rainfall.  Higher when it gets higher than the bridge downstream.  My guess is that water levels will rise to about 75.5, maybe 76.  Some low septics begin to flood at 75.3.
So far so good.

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