Save the Dates. Feb 9th Winter Festival, Feb 29th Martins Pond Presentation and Celebration


Please come to the following 2 events:


FEBRUARY 9TH – Martins Pond Winter Festival Noon to 3PM at Clarke Park. Our 15th Year!  Skate, play games, eat great hot food, make smores, ride a pony.  Talk with neighbors and friends.


FEBRUARY 29th – Our first ever All About Martins Pond Night.  7:30PM at Town Hall Rm 14.  We will celebrate accomplishments and discuss future challenges.  Merrimack Professor Dr. Lyon will present the findings of an in depth study of the pond just completed and we will talk about our new $286,000 grant and what it will do. We hope to answer many of the burning questions we are often asked about Martins Pond, like…


What are the water problems? Why is the water brown?


What can be done?


Why sewer?


Will we ever be able to swim?


Why do we flood?


What’s being done?


How do I get permission for a dock?


How can I fix my property, my walls are falling down?


Handouts, presentations, question and answer, refreshments, maps and posters.


We urge all of you who have expressed interest in the Shoreline Restoration program to attend. We will be displaying techniques and planting which will be available.


Hope to see you all at both events.



Thank you,

Janet Nicosia, Co-Chair

Martins Pond Association

Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee






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