Here comes Summer!

Hi everyone,

The weather has been just wonderful.  Time for a Spring update on all the great things happening.


Flyover – On April 19 local pilot Nancy took a  group up for a flyover of Martins Pond and the drainage areas above and below to help identify any flow issues ,beaver dams, encroachments, etc. that may impact the area.  We have a DVD of the flight and many photos.  The good news is it all looks pretty clear.  Flyovers are usually done at this time – no ice – no leaves – clear view to waterways.  Thanks Nancy.


SHORE! – the Shoreline Home Owner Restoration Effort is beginning.  Our team will be visiting properties around the pond May 3rd and 10th to look at needs, wants, and opportunities to improve habitat and reduce shoreline erosion.  Funded through our latest grant, with some home owner participation.


Docks – As the docks go in, remember all docks are supposed to be permitted.  We have a list of permitted docks so if you are in question whether your dock has a permit, or would like the permit number, email me.  Permits go with the property so if you newly purchased a home you may have a permit you don’t know about.  They are good for 15 years and renewable. If you have a permit, please put your permit number on your dock facing the water.   If you do not have a permit and would like to “get legal” we have put the simplified license application on our website.  You only have to do this once.  If we get a group of people to do it together we can all go to ConCom together and maybe have a little dock permit workshop some time this summer.   About a third of the docks on the pond have permits now.


Bird sightings – Lori is keeping a tally of birds in the area and the list can be seen on our wildlife page.  If you have spotted anything else, email me and we’ll get you on “the list.” 


Turtles – That might not be a frisbee in the road.  Watch out for turtles which are usually all over our roads in late May and June.  Remember, snapping turtles don’t get that name for nothing.  Be very careful moving them. 


Upcoming events.  Tentative dates for upcoming events.


Memorial Day May 26th – We have been honored by the Minutemen Militia by being chosen to be the Honorees of the Parade.  If you would like to walk with us in the Parade, we’d love to have you, especially those of you who have volunteered over the years.  Kids welcome of course! Wear your Martins Pond T shirt if you have one, or blue or white.


Summer Solstice Concert – Thursday night, June 19th at Clarke Park, the return of the wonderful North Reading Community Band 7PM, bring a chair and hang out.  A nice cheap date. FREE


Children’s Fishing Derby – Saturday July 12th,  8-11Am with free lunch after.  Kids under 16 shore fish for trophies and prizes ,a great family day. FREE thanks to our sponsors.


Neighborhood Watch – Raj has started pulling together a new neighborhood watch group, meetings will start soon.  After a few robberies, many of you stood up to take action, especially Raj.  Stay tuned for emails about that group’s kick off.  This group will work with Police and help identify issues and solutions to keep us safe.


Flooding – In our first step to clearing the two areas that have been a 25 year battle, Benevento has started the process to replace the undersized culvert in his property.  We hope to see this improvement this summer/fall if all permitting goes well.  We are still working every angle on the Bridge at 62, and are hopeful we are getting closer to seeing that replacement a reality.  Due to the recent drought water levels are quite low for Spring, about a foot below normal Spring levels.  This puts us in a good position right now should a big storm come through.


That’s it for now!



Thank you,

Janet Nicosia, Co-Chair

Martins Pond Association

Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee








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