Restoration Day Sat 7/19

We are having a Project SHORE shoreline restoration day this Saturday 7/19 from 8AM to 2PM, starting out at 14 Comeau Rd, then if we have a good turnout or get far along, move some people to the end of Poplar to Oakhurst.  We will do more of these as we move around the pond restoring shorelines and planting native vegetation.  Please come do a few hours.  Gloves a must, small or large sledge, shovel, rake if you have it.
We will have more.  Email me if you want to be on a volunteer list for this exciting project.
Charlie Benevento had his first hearing to improve flow under his culvert which we have urged him to do and are in support of.  The next Conservation meeting in Wilimington for this approval to construct will be August 6th.  We continue to work on Rt 62 bridge expansion.
Fishing Derby was great, and congratulations to Committee member Lori Lynes for winning a grant for the Bat Program coming up August 8th.  Check the website for the flyer which will be up soon.  Lori is interested in running more nature programs and this one will feature kids with adults building bat houses and receiving instruction and information from a bat expert from Mass Audubon.
Have a fun Summer,

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