Hi Everyone!

· As you catch the breeze and smell the fine spring air, please don’t get carried away whizzing down the street.  Drive slow! Children are out and the roadways are still covered in sand, leaving kids to ride further in the street.  A girl was hit by a car on Hillside Road this weekend but is OK.   Speed of the car, and sand in the road were a factor in the accident.  She was wearing her helmet, which took the blow receiving a dent in it from the collision of her head with the car. PLEASE have your children wear helmets on bikes. Her helmet could have saved her life!!!

· The pond is beautiful but the water is still very cold.  State Environmental Police advise that legally all boaters must wear lifejackets until May 15th.    Children under 12 must wear then at all times.  See environmental police boating rules on this website under recreation.

· Mark your calendars for the Children’s Fishing Derby July 11th. 8-11AM.

· There was an incident of graffiti at the park this weekend and the offenders were caught.  Thankfully Park & Rec painted over as best they could and right away.  Unfortunately there is graffiti and swears throughout the park equipment and we will be planning a painting day soon.  I am trying to coordinate repair of the Pavillion first so we can paint both the Pavillion and the park equipment in the same day.  We are also working on prices to extend the dock.  Stay tuned.

· EARTH DAY – Every year we encourage all of us to do an Earth Day good deed by picking up the trash in the road and in the woods near our houses.  If we all do a little we’ll get the whole neighborhood cleaned up.  Help the pond association by turning in the cans and bottles you find to New England Beverage & Redemption and credit the Martins Pond Account.

· Our Town Officials are working diligently to take advantage of the Stimulus package to move forward replacement of the Route 62 bridge.  Mike(Town Engineer) was contacted by MEMA about possible funding from our old wait-listed application from 2 years ago. Wilmington has finally adopted their All Hazards Plan, which listed Route 62 as a hazard.  Unfortunately we have received no commitment thus far for monetary cooperation on bridge replacement from Wilmington, so we must move forward ourselves. Supplemental monies may be needed to make this happen and if it comes together, there will be a warrant article at this June’s Town Meeting.  This would be the most critical vote for flooding relief for us EVER.  We will keep you informed.

· Grants – we are also working on grants for water quality improvements in the watershed, the area of land that drains to Martin’s Pond.  The main focus of these grants will be infiltration, or putting water into the ground.  The fast movement of rains over roads to the pond increases flash flooding, and degrades water quality.  If rains soak in, they take a much longer time to reach the waterbody, and are much cleaner when they arrive.  Rainwater soaking in is called groundwater recharge, and the lack of recharge is often blamed for dry rivers in summer when that recharge would have traveled through the ground to the river.  We will be finishing up the current grant this summer with several more properties around the pond being restored.  Look for the new vegetation around the pond this summer.

· Dogs must be restrained in North Reading.  Most dog owners have been great at keeping dogs restrained, but still some loose dogs have been a problem.  Please keep dogs contained or restrained and remind your children of the same.  Cars are not used to dogs in the street these days and people need to be able to walk around without fear.

That’s all for now.

Janet Nicosia

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