Volunteer for the Children’s Haunted Playground

This message is for anyone interested or who has a kid interested in helping out at the children’s Haunted Playground on October 17th.

If anyone wants to help in the graveyard or help tour guide, or basically volunteer in any capacity like games and concessions, set up or clean up…please call me or come to the actors meeting at Clarke Park on Saturday October 10th at 3PM.

I will go over all the various jobs that need doing.

People are especially needed to be in the graveyard, and act as tour guides or be kind of adult security just to keep kids in line in areas like around the acting sets and in the tot lot.

Here are the rules for kids to work in the graveyard:

No elementary school age kids.

Middle school kids are OK, but I must have a verbal conversation with the parents days before the event. Parents must understand that sometimes kids take off from their post, and we are not babysitting them and will not chase them around and find them if they take off. Middle Schoolers cannot show up on the night of the event and think they can join in. Arrangements must be made ahead of time with me and the parents.

High School students are some of our best volunteers and their hours count towards community service hours if they need them. They can call me directly. Again, they are responsible for themselves.

If anyone working in the graveyard touches anyone coming through, including their own family members, they will be immediately removed from their post. We allow absolutely no touching of patrons of the event. All of our veterans know this rule. We will also not allow swearing while the graveyard act is being performed.

Tour guides work in pairs and must dress in costume appropriate to be a leader of groups of small children, no scary or bloody costumes allowed for tour guides.

If you are going to send your Middle Schooler down to the actors meeting and cannot come with them, you can send them with a note with your name, permission and phone number and I will call you during the week before the event.

This event usually runs very smoothly with well over 50 volunteers helping out, many of them kids. It is a wonderful event where we showcase what our neighborhood has to offer with boatloads of community spirit, and many people also help from other parts of town. Please come down and bring a friend, help support the MPA and have a good time.


Janet Nicosia, Co-Chair
Martins Pond Association
Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee

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