Water should crest today, we are at about 78 this AM. Hopefully it won’t get too much higher before it starts dropping.

Two important things next week, we need you for…

Monday April 5th 7PM at North Reading High School – Town Meeting

Please come vote for Articles 7 and 8. 7 is the funding of a new Route 62 Bridge. This is the single most important factor in our flooding intensity and duration. Replacement of this bridge could permanently reduce flooding level crests by over a foot. Article 8 is funding for a new grant which will continue to work on reducing runoff and pollution in the watershed. Please stay and vote on both. The Board of Selectmen have recommended both already.

Wednesday April 7th 7:30PM
Wilmington Town Hall – Conservation hearing on Benevento road lowering deadline.

Please come watch and make sure that Benevento is complying with his order of conditions to lower the road permanently. April 7th was to be his deadline. If anyone knows and can bring any residents of our Wilmington area “lost colony” as it is called, we desperately need to show that our flooding impacts Wilmington residents too.

I know all of our nerves are frazzled, but let’s please try to keep calm on Monday night. There may be people in the audience who have questions or concerns and we will address them respectfully. Also – please do not bring up Benevento Monday night as it will confuse the issue. This is just the Bridge. Benevento’s road filling impact has been greatly reduced in the last week ,and we are just now working to get it down fully – and will accept nothing less.

Keep your “eyes on the prize.”


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