New Environmental Report Aug 2014

Dr. Jonathan Lyon of the Department of Biology at Merrimack College has done a survey of aquatic plants in the pond.
2014 Martins Pond Aquatic Plant Survey
For those of you just joining us, Martin’s Pond now has Eurasian Milfoil. This is a new invasive to us, but not new to the area. Many ponds and lakes struggle with it.
Early this fall we will have a public meeting after we gather more data to talk about what we want to do about it. The Reclamation Study Committee wants everyone involved. We would like to form a consensus as we move forward to get informed about all methods, talk to other lake associations who have dealt with this, explore costs and funding mechanisms, and examine the impact of the plant growth on recreational uses and habitat.
If you are interested in helping and/or remaining informed about this one issue, and would like to be on all emails discussing our gathering of data, costs, etc. we have set up a new mailing list specifically for this issue.

Please email to be put on the special email list.