On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Martin’s Pond will be treated for watermilfoil and fanwort.  Both are highly aggressive invasive plants that can quickly overtake small lakes and ponds.  If not controlled, milfoil and fanwort can have damaging effects on natural wildlife, vegetation and recreational activities as they will continue to grow at a very rapid pace.  SOLitude Lake Management of Shrewsbury, MA has been retained to respond to this invasive plant infestation.  Please note the following important information regarding this treatment:

All of Martin’s Pond will be closed to all water uses (including swimming, boating, fishing, watering livestock, and domestic purposes) on the day of the treatment only which is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  These water uses may resume on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Water from the Pond cannot be used for irrigation until further notice.  Once additional lab testing is done to determine that the residual level of the treatment chemicals poses no threat, the public will be notified.

This project was reviewed at meetings of the Martin’s Pond Association and the Board of Selectmen.  Funding for the project was approved at the June 1, 2015 Town Meeting.

SOLitude Lake Management will be using an herbicide treatment, Sonar (fluridone), specifically designed to combat the watermilfoil and fanwort. The herbicide will only impact the targeted invasives and not native vegetation. SOLitude Lake Management has assured the Town that there will be no ill effects on wildlife or property during the treatment. This work has been permitted (licensed) by MassDEP, Office of Watershed Management and the North Reading Conservation Commission.

Further information regarding this treatment may be found on the Martin’s Pond Association web site www.martinspond.org.   Questions may be directed to SOLitude Lake Management at (508) 865-1000.

From the North Reading website