Herbicide Treatment May 31

You may have read in the Transcript that we are treating next week. I did not write the article nor did I review it. Those of you who have followed our treatments know that there is a knock back of natives when this is done contrary to what the article states, however the natives will return. We also know that the invasives will eventually return as well and this is a control method. We are using pelletized treatments and divers (who will be selective). We expect there will be those happy and those unhappy about this treatment. There may be letters, etc in protest. The Committee & Town has made this decision using our gathered data, under legal permitting from Mass DEP and with support from the majority of people in the community. We have pre/ post monitoring and surveying in place. Please plan to stay off the Pond on May 31st. Using the pond for irrigation after May 31st is not allowed since it is an herbicide which may damage your plants. Post treatment testing will be done and you will see Solitude boats out there over a period of a few weeks doing water testing. We will notify you when using the pond for irrigation can resume. I don’t know of anyone who does this, but just in case.


Janet Nicosia

Martin’s Pond Reclamation Study Committee


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