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Causes of Flooding

2 main causes: Rt. 62 bridge, culvert and raised roadway at Benevento’s. The bridge is our main problem, Benevento’s filling the road adds to the problem. That filling was recent, (2004) which is why we can get it reversed. Whatever filling in he did in other areas of the wetlands before the wetlands protection act back in the 70’s we can do nothing about. Developers filled in wetlands all over the state. Much of North Reading developments are built on


We need you, EVERYONE, to come to this 1st session of Town Meeting April 5th. We have two important votes, they will be articles 7 and 8. They will come up early. Town Meeting starts at 7PM. MOST IMPORTANT!!! THE REPLACEMENT OF THE ROUTE 62 BRIDGE!!! NEED I SAY MORE? No- but I will…We need everyone to step up and cast a vote. All of you who flood, who have watched that dam bridge, and I mean “dam” hold up