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Herbicide Treatment May 31

You may have read in the Transcript that we are treating next week. I did not write the article nor did I review it. Those of you who have followed our treatments know that there is a knock back of natives when this is done contrary to what the article states, however the natives will return. We also know that the invasives will eventually return as well and this is a control method. We are using pelletized treatments and divers

Neighborhood House Fire May 20

Our hearts go out to our neighbors that lost their home this morning. Thank you to the North Reading, MA Firefighters Local 1857 and the fire departments from surrounding towns for keeping it contained. House ‘completely leveled’ after possible explosion in North Reading A North Reading home is “completely leveled,” firefighters say after a 2-alarm fire ripped through the building. More info @ Automated post from Martins Pond – May 20, 2017 at 11:57AM

You did it Martin’s Pond neighbors!! We were able to make the Martin’s Pond Community Pride Scholarship a reality thanks to our generous neighbors. The application is on our website. Tell any MP NR seniors you know. Thank you to everyone contributed. We really do have the best neighborhood in town!!

Martin’s Pond Community Pride Scholarship Martin’s Pond Community Pride Scholarship The Martin’s Pond Association is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior from the Martin’s Pond neighborhood in North Readin… More info @ Automated post from Martins Pond – April 03, 2017 at 06:32AM

If you type in Martin’s Pond, North Reading, MA in this website, you can see aerials of the pond going back to 1938 and topographic maps back to 1888!! They don’t have the zoom capability of Google Earth but still pretty interesting. Notice the Pond’s outlet was where the entrance to the park is today.

Historic Aerials Historic Aerials provides free online access to historical aerial photography, current aerial photos and topographic (topo) maps. You can view aerial photography from the 1920s through today. Use our multi-year comparison tools to detect changes in property. Come and explore your favorite points of… More info @ Automated post from Martins Pond – October 30, 2016 at 09:29PM

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