Storm Water Pollution

storm_waterPollution does not observe property lines. It flows wherever water carries it throughout the watershed–typically to storm drains and then without any treatment, into nearby streams, ponds and rivers.

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Sources of non point pollution
“When you fertilize the lawn, Remember, you’re not just fertilizing the lawn”

“When you wash your car in the driveway, Remember, you’re not just washing your car in the driveway”

“Non point source pollution is a pervasive problem, affecting surface and groundwater quality in both urban and rural area”

EPA Public Education & Outreach on Storm Water Impact
EPA has developed a set of materials that state or local governments can customize and use in their own storm water outreach campaigns.”

EPA Surf Your Watershed
EPA’s surf your watershed site has links to environmental websites by state, data type, keywords, or search. An excellent way to find out about issues you care about.