2010 Annual Report

Martins Pond Association
c/o North Reading Town Hall
235 North St
North Reading MA 01864 Contacts:
Lida Jenney
Janet Nicosia

2010 Annual Report of the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee and the Martins Pond Association


As of December 31, the town-appointed Martin’s Pond Reclamation Study Committee (MPRSC) members were: Janet Nicosia, Lida Jenney, Paul Cameron, Kath Geoffrion Scannell, and Lori Lynes. The Martin’s Pond Association (MPA) has no official appointed committee but has many active participants.


Our Board of Selectmen liaison is Sean Delaney. He attended several meetings throughout the year and has been particularly active in the Neighborhood Watch group. The Neighborhood Watch program works in cooperation with Lieutenant Kevin Brennan, Detective Tom Romeo and others of the North Reading Police. Other unofficial liaisons include Town Engineer Mike Soraghan, P.E., North Reading Parks & Recreation staff Marty Tilton, Maureen Stevens and their staff.


  • Membership with the Massachusetts Congress of Lake and Pond Associations (MA COLAP)
  • Members/supporters of the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) – both financially and by our environmental work.

Workshops/Conferences Attended:

Janet, Lida, Lori and Kath attended the MA COLAP annual workshop in January 2010 where Janet, Lori, and Dr. Jon Lyon presented a workshop presentation on the Martin’s Pond Shoreline Restoration Project.

Collaborative Projects

During 2010, the MPRSC and Martins Pond Association (MPA) partnered with the Town of North Reading and Dr. Jon Lyon, Biology Professor at Merrimack College, in the following projects to improve Martins Pond and its watershed.

A. Martins Pond Shoreline Restoration and Sedimentation Reduction Project
We continued to work on the Chapter s. 319 Non Point Source Pollution Grant funded through Mass DEP. During 2010, the shoreline restoration was completed and a certificate of compliance was obtained from North Reading Conservation. The final report is currently being written. As part of this program, porous pavement was installed on Poplar Terrace and Travelled Way and an infiltration unit was installed on Poplar Terrace.

B. North Reading Stormwater Infiltration Project: Reaching Out to Address/Absorb Runoff (ROAR)
The partnership was awarded a $190,500 federal grant for this project to help fund stormwater infiltration to protect the Ipswich River watershed from non-point source pollution. The grant has four components:

  1. infiltration of roadway runoff and sediment reduction at North Street near the intersection with Central Street
  2. a town center and town-wide rain garden program
  3. a rain garden and swale at the Hood School
  4. outreach and education via media

A rain garden talk by master gardener Betty Sanders was presented at the Flint Memorial Library on October 13, 2010 to inform and recruit rain garden participants. Potential sites were visited and ten were selected for rain gardens. Work also started on design of the Hood School infiltration and education project. Infiltrating catch basins were installed on North Street to infiltrate roadway runoff.

Other Projects to Improve the Pond/Community/Watershed

A. Flooding
The Town received MEMA funding for the replacement of the Route 62 bridge and Town Meeting approved matching funds. The purpose of the new bridge is to allow more water to flow under Route 62 and alleviate some of the flooding at Martin’s Pond. A hydrologic study is underway to estimate the degree of relief it may provide. Volunteers continue to assess water levels weekly. Two floods occurred in the Spring of 2010 (on March 15th and March 31). Martin’s Pond volunteer Nancy Zawistowski piloted her plane over the area while member Lori Lynes took photos. In order to help us study the impacts of storms and study stormwater flows, a weather station was purchased and installed next to the pond. Lori Lynes is monitoring the data and it is available on the internet at www.weatherlink.com.

B. Beavers
Beaver trapping continues under emergency permitting and in-season trapping. The Town has been very proactive and successful in controlling the impact of beavers in locations where they cannot be tolerated. Unfortunately, the proliferation of the beaver in Massachusetts and their ability to re-populate suitable locations results in chronic issues in old areas and the discovery of new. Trapping is a difficult issue and surrounding towns are experiencing the same issues. Unfortunately, the protection of public property and groundwater separation to ensure a minimal wastewater treatment is critical in this low lying neighborhood – developed when water levels were 3-4 feet lower and beavers were extinct.

C. Crime Watch Group
This was the 3rd year of the crime watch group. The group meets periodically to discuss problems and possible solutions with the North Reading Police. We continue to work closely to report suspicious activities to the police. The neighborhood group can communicate any crime issues quickly via email communication. The face to face communication with police is very valuable, building a sense of trust, and gathering information on problem areas.

MPA Events/Fundraisers:

We did not hold a Winter Festival this year (after 17 years) and are looking for a new group to organize.

A dinner fundraiser was held at the Horseshoe Grille on May 3, 2010.

12th Annual Fishing Derby (Saturday, July 11) – best catch by Mike Woods, 3.52 lb. bass

Pops Concert at Clarke Park with N. Reading Community Band was held on July 1, 2010

13th Annual Fishing Derby was held on July 10, 2010

16th Annual Children’s Haunted Playground was held on Saturday October 16, 2010

T-shirt sales fundraising was ongoing at $15 per shirt

Bottle deposits to benefit MPA – returnable bottles and cans taken to the N.E. Beverage and Redemption Center can be credited to the Martin’s Pond account.

Acquisitions/Improvements Made:

  • Repairs were made to the dock which broke during the March.
  • A large tree that was damaging (pushing in the block wall) the building at Clarke Park was removed. A replacement tree will be planted in 2011.

To learn more about the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee and the Martins Pond Association, visit our web site: www.martinspond.org.

Respectfully submitted,

Lida Jenney and Janet Nicosia

Martins Pond Committee and Association