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Fishing Derby Winners

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the 20th Annual Children’s Fishing Derby! Ages 3-6 1st Derek Hallera (5) 1.54 Large Mouth Bass 2nd Ryan Heos (6) 1.25 Catfish 3rd Emily Maudsley (4) .90 Large Mouth Bass Ages 7-10 1st Brendon Heos (10) 1.04 Catfish 2nd Makayla Crowley (10) .78 Catfish 3rd Kate Manzi (10) .62 Large Mouth Bass Ages 11-16 1st Ryan Dobbyn (12) 1.47 Large Mouth Bass 2nd Kiley Martel (16) 1.28 Large Mouth Bass 3rd Antony

20th Annual Fishing Derby June 24

Bring your rod and reel to the 20th Annual Children’s Fishing Derby on June 24.  Sponsored by the Wildside Bass Club and the Martin’s Pond Association, this annual event is a favorite with all our young anglers! Children ages 3-16 can enter–registration begins at 8am.  Bring your own rod, bait, and bucket. The first 75 registrants present will receive a free hat–and all participants will get a free lunch. Trophies and prizes will be awarded, and a good time will

Winners! Children’s Fishing Derby 2016

fishing derby winners 4 children with 2 volunteers

This year’s fishing derby included 66 kids from 11 towns. Volunteers from Martins Pond Association and Wildside Bass Club made it a great success as always! A great time was had by all. Visit our Flickr or Facebook sites to see more pictures! Catch of Day Garrett Butler, 13, North Reading 2.45 Large Mouth Bass Ages 12-15 Maguire Koepke, 13, North Reading, 1.90 LG Harley Duffley, 12, North Reading, .90 Large Mouth Bass Meghan Onessimo, 14, North Reading, .84 Large

Children’s Fishing Derby June 25

The 19th Annual Martin’s Pond Children’s Fishing Derby is coming to Clarke Park next week on Saturday June 25th from 8am to 11am. As usual there will be a prize for Catch of the Day and additional prizes in 3 age categories. The event is sponsored by the Martins Pond Association and the Wildside Bass Club. Members of the Bass Club will on hand to help and offer pointers. The derby is open to children ages 3 to16. Free lunch

Fishing Derby Winners

Many thanks to the Wildside Bass Club, neighborhood volunteers, and our sponsors! The winners of this year’s Children’s Fishing Derby were: Ages 3-7 Molly Kenney,5,  Wilmington, .85 Catfish Brendan Trentsch,7, North Reading, .75 Catfish Mikayla Haley, 7, North Reading, .70 Catfish Ages 8-11 Owen Delano, 10, North Reading, 1.05 Bass Travis Long, 10, North Reading, 1.02 Catfish Evan Wilson, 10, North Reading, .79 Catfish Ages 12-16 Romano Duncan, 14, Andover, .95 Bass Tommy Duncan, 14, Andover .80 Bass Morgan Burke,15,

2010 Fishing Derby Winners

Winners Overall Winner Amber Cullinan (Tewksbury), Age 9, 1.12 Largemouth Bass 2-6 1st Trevor Rabideau (NR) Age 6, .89 Catfish 2nd Rowan Cann (Stoneham), Age 6, .80 Catfish 3rd Andrew Destefano (NR) Age 4, .68 Catfish 7-10 1st Mike Woods (NR), Age 9, 1.02 Largemouth Bass 2nd Anthony Peluso (NR), Age 10, .99 Catfish 3rd Mike Sheridan (NR), Age 9, .98 Largemouth Bass 11-14 1st Jacklyn Roche (Wakefield) Age 12, 1.06 Catfish 2nd Jacob Steeves (NR), Age 11, .93 Largemouth