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milfoil hand pulled from Martins Pond in 2014

On Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Martin’s Pond will receive treatment for the “Eurasian Milfoil” a highly aggressive invasive plant that can quickly overtake small lakes and ponds.  If not controlled, Milfoil can have damaging effects on natural wildlife, vegetation and recreational activities as it will continue to grow at a very rapid pace.  Aquatic Control Technology of Sutton, MA has been retained to respond to this Milfoil infestation.  Please note the following important information regarding this treatment: All of Martin’s

What’s Next for Martins Pond?

At a well-attended meeting Wed Mar 11, members of the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee and invited speakers detailed the situation regarding Eurasian water milfoil in the pond and what the future may hold. In addition to the 6 committee members there were 4 invited speakers and approximately 25 attendees, including NR town officials and selectmen. Dr. Jonathan Lyon, Professor and Chair of Biology at Merrimack College spoke on the occurrence of aquatic species in the pond over the past

Final Loosestrife Report

Greetings! The Town of North Reading, Massachusetts, the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee, and Merrimack College have partnered in many projects to improve Martins Pond and the watershed.  Martins Pond is a roughly 100 acre pond 20 miles North of Boston. One of our collaborations has been the raising and release of Galerucella beetles to combat the invasive species commonly known as Purple Loosestrife starting in 2002.  This was done under the direction and authority of the State of Massachusetts

New Invasive Plant

UPDATE FROM JANET: Hi all,Dr. Lyon just completed an annual plant survey of Martins Pond. Good news/bad news. Good news – Fanwort appears to still be contained and not heavilyencroaching in on the pond. Bad news – We have a very dangerous new invasive – Water Chestnut. We needto pull this immediately and will be doing so. I will let you know if we dothis in an organized fashion. See the pdf attached for details of what itlooks like. I