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We need you, EVERYONE, to come to this 1st session of Town Meeting April 5th. We have two important votes, they will be articles 7 and 8. They will come up early. Town Meeting starts at 7PM. MOST IMPORTANT!!! THE REPLACEMENT OF THE ROUTE 62 BRIDGE!!! NEED I SAY MORE? No- but I will…We need everyone to step up and cast a vote. All of you who flood, who have watched that dam bridge, and I mean “dam” hold up


Hi Everyone! · As you catch the breeze and smell the fine spring air, please don’t get carried away whizzing down the street.  Drive slow! Children are out and the roadways are still covered in sand, leaving kids to ride further in the street.  A girl was hit by a car on Hillside Road this weekend but is OK.   Speed of the car, and sand in the road were a factor in the accident.  She was wearing her helmet, which

Update/Winter Festival!

Hi, Happy New Year! Here’s an update on what is going on…   Our 16th Winter Festival will be Saturday February 7th, 12-3 at Clarke Park.  Please come down to support the work of the association, beat the winter blues, and appreciate the beauty of New England in Winter.  We’ll have pony rides, hot food, a fire with smores, kids games with prizes, and tug of war and a pie eating contest.  Bring your skates, skiis, the dog (on a

Here comes Summer!

Hi everyone, The weather has been just wonderful.  Time for a Spring update on all the great things happening.   Flyover – On April 19 local pilot Nancy took a  group up for a flyover of Martins Pond and the drainage areas above and below to help identify any flow issues ,beaver dams, encroachments, etc. that may impact the area.  We have a DVD of the flight and many photos.  The good news is it all looks pretty clear.  Flyovers

“All About Martins Pond”

Hi, We hope to see many of you at this Friday, February 29th’s informational meeting All About Martins Pond.  We will discuss the state of the pond, flooding, wildlife, and our new Grant project the Martins Pond Shoreline Restoration and Sedimentation Reduction project which is just underway.  We will have info on how you can get a dock permit, what is ,or is not allowed at the pond, history, and displays on recycling and stormwater pollution.   Please come!  

Save the Dates. Feb 9th Winter Festival, Feb 29th Martins Pond Presentation and Celebration

Hi, Please come to the following 2 events:   FEBRUARY 9TH – Martins Pond Winter Festival Noon to 3PM at Clarke Park. Our 15th Year!  Skate, play games, eat great hot food, make smores, ride a pony.  Talk with neighbors and friends.   FEBRUARY 29th – Our first ever All About Martins Pond Night.  7:30PM at Town Hall Rm 14.  We will celebrate accomplishments and discuss future challenges.  Merrimack Professor Dr. Lyon will present the findings of an in depth

Email Notification List/Halloween Event NEWS

Hi everybody, We are now offering two options for Email notifications. Please email hobbit@avian.org if you wish to be added to either list and begin to be informed about Martins Pond issues.   Martins Pond Announcements – this list you will receive announcements and news only and you will not be able to reply, nor will anyone else.  This list is ideal for those of you who receive too many emails and do not want to hear or engage in

Update Martins Pond

See Larry’s update below.  Yes this is really ridiculous.   We continue to work every angle of the flooding, and will continue.  We must work to lower water levels in the huge complex of wetlands around the pond. This wet sponge is just too wet all the time to absorb as wetlands should. So my guesstimates from the other day are totally in the trash.  3+ inches of rain have so far brought water levels in the pond up 2.5 feet. 

Patriot’s Day rainfall at Martins Pond

Hi, I know many of us get tense as rains are predicted and certainly the Weather stations go into high gear.   Although this is a big storm which may affect septics, I do not believe we will flood.  Here are the totals… thanks to Larry who has a continuous rain gauge at Martins Pond.   So far in this storm, starting April 15th, we have received 2.82 inches of rain as of 7AM today.  Less than predicted.  However we

Update on issues

Hi, Below is an update on some issues: Flooding – Paul Cameron and I attended a meeting at Town Hall with MEMA regarding DPW’s application for replacing the bridge at Rt 62 on 3/6/07.  Our project made the “first cut” and they were here to ask questions and visit the bridge. The meeting was very encouraging, and they said they expect to have a final list of projects chosen by early May.  One of the men had visited our neighborhood with

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