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“…and a Great Blue Heron in an Oak Tree.”

What did you wish for? Well, for the Poplar Terrace residents and friends who watched a Great Blue Heron in destress, caught about 50+ feet in an oak tree, we wished for a miracle. Chris Shaw noticed the huge bird hanging from a caught wing way up an Oak on Christmas Eve morning. He called the Police and asked for assistance, then called the Fire Department. Scott and Anne Ronco called the Animal Rescue League, left a message at Animal

Applying for more grants and Muskrat habitat

Hi all, We have just applied for another grant to the DEP’s 319 Non-Point Source Pollution program.  This program is designed to fund water quality improvements through stormwater changes, among other things. Our grant focuses on shoreline erosion, repair, and the improvement of two areas which drain directly into Martins Pond: Traveled Way to the Boat Ramp outfall, and Lakeside to the Poplar Terrace outfall, both of which deposit tons of sediment into Martins Pond.   The grant also addresses