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See Larry’s update below.  Yes this is really ridiculous.
We continue to work every angle of the flooding, and will continue.  We must work to lower water levels in the huge complex of wetlands around the pond. This wet sponge is just too wet all the time to absorb as wetlands should. So my guesstimates from the other day are totally in the trash.  3+ inches of rain have so far brought water levels in the pond up 2.5 feet. 
Last night 9:30 the pond was at 76.8, and I’m hoping to see a crest when I check the pond this AM.  Please. Yesterday’s rain did not help matters.  
We currently have a grant application submitted by Mike Soraghan to MEMA (Mass Emerg Mgmt) for replacement of Rt62 bridge. Benevento has agreed to join in that effort and concurrently enlarge his culvert.  They are deciding on our application as we speak.  Hopefully this small storm’s flooding effects will help underscore how much we need their help.  This week Aquatic Control is removing old beaver dams in the brook, and we plan on finally working on clearing the channel behind April lane which is clogged with overgrowth.  We have had great cooperation from Conservation on the work so far, and will continue to work with them to solve as many issues as we can find.
More later.
…from Larry Soucie
Good Morning,
The following is an update on the rainfall quantities recorded at my home near Martin’s Pond:
April 12                         0.84
April 13                         0.09
April  14                        0.00
April 15                         1.89
April 16                         1.22
April 17                         0.54
April 18                         0.04 as of 7:30 am
A  24-hour 1-year storm has a depth of 2.5 inches.   The maximum 2 day rainfall for this storm (April 15-16) was 3.1 inches.  Based on Technical Paper 49, a 2-year 48hour storm has a depth of 3.75 inches.  In terms of a 4-day peak, we had 3.68 inches compared to a depth of 4.5 inches for a 2-year 4-day storm based on TP49.
No matter how you cut it folks, this was not a big storm.  The storm has a recurrence interval of about 1-year.  The pond should not have flooded for a storm this size.  The flooding is probably a combination of several factors, including undersized culverts at Rt. 62 and Benevento, a clogged stream channel, loss of storage due to the Wilmington weir boards, and loss of storage due to the beavers both upstream and downstream.
Larry Soucie

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