Diagnostic & Feasibilty Study for Martins Pond now online

The Martins Pond Assessment and Remediation Project is complete and available to everyone. It consist of the Diagnosic & Feasibility Study by Merrimack College, and the Wateflow Improvements and Public Outreach Report. This was a team effort between the Town of North Reading DPW/Engineering, the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee (MPRSC), Merrimack College, and Malcolm Pirnie Engineers.
The Martins Pond North Reading Diagnostic & Feasibility Study by Dr. Jon Lyon of Merrimack College is a highly comprehensive report, with amazing GIS maps and graphed data, covering all aspects of the Martins Pond Watershed, from slope, geology, groundwater movement, nitrogen and phosphorous, bacteria, turbidity, invasives, sediments, land use, sub-watershed diagnosis…I just cannot name it all. Dr. Lyon worked closely with DEP’s Dr. Mark Mattson and Arthur Screpetis, as well as DPW & GIS from North Reading, Andover, and North Andover and Andover Water Department.
The Waterflow Improvements and Public Outreach Report details our stormwater pollution education program, septic pumping program, advertising, sedimentation study of outfalls around Martins Pond, and beaver management and education effort. The outreach and education was performed by community volunteers from the MPRSC, Martins Pond Association, and North Reading Wastewater Stormwater Committee, and Town Engineer.
This project was funded through the Department of Environmental Protection via a supplementary budget line item submitted by State Senator Bruce Tarr and State Representative Brad Jones. We thank them for this opportunity.
go to www.martinspond.org and click on “environment” then “studies and reports” or follow this direct link http://www.martinspond.org/environment/studies_reports/studies_reports.htm
This fall, we will hold public meetings to present and explain the findings. We are busy beginning our next project, the Martins Pond Shoreline Restoration and Sedimentation Reduction Project, which was awarded an EPA 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant 2007 to continue or work on Martins Pond.
For now, have a great summer.

Thank you,
Janet Nicosia
Martins Pond Association
Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee

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