Paint the Park! Sat May 16, 9AM to 1PM



We could use more volunteers for painting day in order to get it all done.  We have about a dozen so far but have a lot to do. We could use double that.

We hope to paint the train, plane, rocket ship, pirate ship, pavilion, and stain all the picnic tables, tot swings, sign and shelters.  THAT’S A LOT!!!


And we need to paint the insides to cover all the graffiti of the rocket ship, plane and pirate ship.


If you have teens or ‘tweens? Pry them off the computer and send them down! 


Little kids? bring them!  Anyone can help. Let the little ones feel ownership of the tot area.


Saturday May 16th 9AM to 1PM then free pizza lunch if you participated.


Wear your grubs and if you have an old brush, bring it.  We will be getting brushes and rollers as well.  If you have any old coffee cans, that will really help us spread the paint out among volunteers.


Specific questions?  Email lori at






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