New Invasive Plant


Hi all,
Dr. Lyon just completed an annual plant survey of Martins Pond.

Good news/bad news.

Good news – Fanwort appears to still be contained and not heavily
encroaching in on the pond.

Bad news – We have a very dangerous new invasive – Water Chestnut. We need
to pull this immediately and will be doing so. I will let you know if we do
this in an organized fashion. See the pdf attached for details of what it
looks like. I have reported this to DCR, and North Reading Conservation,
who then spoke to DEP, and agreed to allow immediate hand pulling.

The two spots where the stuff is, is up at the North end of the pond just
west of the Skug inlet along the wetland area. The areas are so small we
can take care of it by hand pulling – we believe. We will have to do this
every year for about 10 years according to DCR because the nut that falls
from the water chestnut can lie dormant for that amount of time and still

Please try to keep motor boats out of it. If you have a kayak and wish to
do some pulling on your own, please contact me and I’ll get you a map and
Dr. Lyon can talk to you about procedure. At the very least, kayak or canoe
over to see it so you can recognize it elsewhere.

Thank goodness we had this survey. Unfortunately this is the final year of
funding for it, and so we may look to continue it going forward.


Thank you,
Janet Nicosia, Co-Chair
Martins Pond Association
Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee

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