Flood Emergency Info

Flood Emergency

Flood Access The
Rte 125 emergency access will continue to be used during flood
events when Burroughs Rd is closed. Extreme caution should be
used on entering and exiting the roadway, and only right hand
turns onto 125 are allowed.

Emergency Contacts

MA Emergency Management Agency
Flood Recovery Information and News
MEMA Flood Preparation, Recovery, and Repair
Tips for recovering from the flood and (preparing for another)
FEMA: Recovering From and Coping With Flood Damaged
Recovery tips from FEMA
Filing a claim with FEMA
How to Apply for Assistance
Black Mold Ozone-ator
Flood Clean Up and Black Mold
Army Store clean up kits
online store
Red Cross Flood info

See items tagged "flooding" on the Martins Pond blog for more info!

Mother’s Day Flood of 2006

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