Volunteers Needed

The 16th Annual Martin’s Pond Children’s Haunted Playground is shaping up nicely but we still need help. We know people are busy and may not be able to give a lot of time but every little bit helps. Below are the things we need help with. If you can help or have questions, please let me know.


Event Prep
Donate Halloween decorations
Donate Halloween costumes
Carve a pumpkin for the pumpkin patch (free pumpkin provided) – all pumpkins can be picked up after event – If interested, contact Peter Brayton
Hang fliers in local businesses (we have the flyers already printed out)
Do you work for a company that would donate food, drinks, decorations, prizes?
Tell your family/friends

Day Before Event, Friday, Oct 15th, Noon at Clarke Park
Help set up tents
Help set up snow fencing
Set up graveyard fencing
Dig holes in graveyard
Donate the use of a large box truck to move fences, props, etc from Wheeler building to park
Loan use of extension cords (put your name on it so we can return it)

Day Before Event, Friday, Oct 15th, 7PM at Ipswich River Park Wheeler Building(30 minute job with enough help)
Help load fence/props into truck

Day of Event, Saturday, Oct 16th 9AM to 9:30PM at Clarke Park
Pick up moon bounce at Just for Fun and bring to park (Day)
Set up traffic cones/signs (Early)
Donate baked goods for sale at event (Day)
Decorate park (Day)
Loan jack o’lanterns for use in pumpkin patch (Day)
Games set up (Day)
Build and decorate Skit sets (Early)
Decorate food pavillion (Day)
Put up scavenger hunt items (Day)
Donate pizza lunch/drinks for setup volunteers (Noon)
Judge Costume Contest (6 – 6:30 PM) – can be an individual or a pair
Take pictures (Evening)
Volunteer Positions (5 to 9PM)
Graveyard – adults and kids
Skit Actor
Colored Hairspray booth
Tour line management
Moon Bounce

Talent (5 to 9PM)
Do you have a special talent that you would be willing to perform
on the stage to entertain the attendees?
Attend (5 to 9PM)

Day After Event, Sunday, Oct 17th 11AM-3PM at Clarke Park
Take down tents and dismantle skit sets
Take down graveyard
Take down snow fencing
Load/unload truck
Pick up park

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