Task 1


Structural Best Management Practices for erosion control at Traveled Way and Poplar Terrace Stormceptor at Traveled Way
A hydrodynamic separator is an engineered catch basin and outfall system, especially designed to maximize theretention of sediment before the water exits the outfall to the receiving waterbody. As you can see in the first picture, the old style outfall has deposited tons of sediment ? mostly road sand ? into Martins Pond. Some of this road sand was removed, restoring the natural shoreline at the outfall location.

EPA’s stormwater technology fact sheet on hydrodynamic separators

9/30/2010 Work is completed. Porous pavement was installed on Travelled Way after receiving permission from all land owners. The roadway looks excellent, the neighbors are extremely grateful and we are encouraging residents to visit the road during rainstorms. Just after installation a heavy storm proved its worth and it serves as a beacon of LID practices to the Town.
9/30/2008 Installation prep, construction begun
6/30/2008 Bids received and evaluated, silt fence constructed, gas line relocated
3/31/2008 Designs approved by DEP & ConCom, signs designed, drains stenciled
12/31/2007 Plans completed, NOI submitted
9/30/2007 Walk-thrus, surveys, designs
Silted outfall at Travelled Way, Aug 2007

Silted outfall at Travelled Way, Aug 2007

BMP_100_230 BMP_1355_230
Delivery and installation of Rinker hydrodynamic separator, Fall 2008

Porous Pavement at Poplar Terrace
In this area we are going to install porous pavement to reduce runoff on some portion of Poplar Terrace and install a bioretention area at the end of the outfall, to try to filter out some of the sediments and pollutants from entering the pond. outfall at Poplar Terrace
Outfall at Poplar Terrace, Summer 2007

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