Task 5


9/30/2010 Representatives from the Town, the local newspaper, Martin’s Pond volunteers, Mass DEP Worcester and Boston, Mass DER, and USEPA visited North Reading for a presentation of SHORE accomplishments and a boat tour of the pond, including rain gardens on Travelled Way.
The local newspaper wrote a wonderful article after the presentation, front page, describing the SHORE program and its successes. Signs to be erected at the rain gardens, porous roadways and at boat ramp near hydrodynamic separator are about to go to print and the newspaper ad campaign and new resident guide are nearly completed.
9/30/2008 Signs, press coverage, good volunteer response
6/30/2008 Packets to participants, Eco-Team and Girl Scouts stencil storm drains, press coverage, slogan contest
3/31/2008 Major meeting, presentations Feb 2008
12/31/2007 Dr. Lyon working with students, J. Nicosia identifying potential SHORE participants
9/30/2007 Project poster in Town Hall, used at presentations

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