Docks & Boating

Dock Permits

All docks in Martins Pond should have a dock permit. If you have a dock and are not sure if a permit was ever issued for it, you can contact the DEP in Boston, Waterways Division, 617-654-6520 and ask for or email David Slagle at

Dock permits are good for 15 years, are transferrable to new property owners and are renewable. For residential docks under 600 square feet you can use the Simplified License application. Print out the application and the instructions. You do not need to hire an engineer. You will be asked to draw the mean annual high water, which we have used as 75.8 ft above sea level. Mean annual low water level we use 74.1. If flood elevations are needed the FEMA maps use 80ft above sea level, although we have only reached 79.25.

Please email Janet Nicosia if you need help with the form. Don’t be afraid to apply. There is no “grandfathered” period, although the form asks whether the dock was pre or post 1984. Most of the docks in Martins Pond are pre-1984.

The Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee wants all existing docks permitted, and will not support new unpermitted docks.

Link to Simplified Dock License and Chapter 91 Simplified License instructions, Self-Licensing package for BRP WW06 is the application you need.

General guide to small docks and piers


Enjoy motor boating, canoeing, or kayaking on Martins Pond.  Personal motorized watercraft (such as Jet Skis, etc.) are not allowed–see Chapter 110 of the General Bylaws of North Reading for more information. Please be sure to thoroughly clean your hulls and propellers to prevent the invasion of fanwort, milfoil and other invasive species.

Massachusetts Boating Law Summary