Invasive Species

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Purple LoosestrifeLoosestrife
The Martins Pond Association was part of the Association of Massachusetts Wetlands Scientists’ Purple Loosestrife Biomonitoring Control Project in 2005. (more)

Fanwort is an aquatic plant originating in the neotropics and other southern temperate climates that has spread from incidental release from aquariums. Once established, fanwort is an extremely persistent and competitive plant. (more)

water chestnutWater Chestnut
First identified in the pond in 2009, water chestnut has responded to hand pulling but remains present. (more)

Eurasian water milfoil image from Maine DEPEurasian Water Milfoil

Eurasian Water Milfoil was first found in the pond in 2013.  In the 2014 plant survey it was proved to have spread widely, and in 2015 a treatment plan to control it was proposed by the Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee. (more)