Wildlife at Martins Pond

These swans visited Martins Pond recently.
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Birds of Martins Pond
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Great Heron Rescue
Dec 24 2006
Full description of rescue on blog…click thumbnails for larger images
heron in tree closer view of heron and rescuer heron caught by wing feathers  heron rescuers at the ready hook and ladder rescuing heron

Snapping Turtle
Jun 15 2006
More evidence of amazing life in Martins Pond. This snapping turtle was found in June 2006. This is about as big as they get other than in captivity, probably about 50-60 pounds, 40 inches tail to nose, with an 18 inch shell. We don’t know why this turtle died, could have been old age or possibly a caught lure. It was about the size of a medium dog.