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Disaster Assistance Update

From: Cynthia Oldfield of Brad Jones’ office Cynthia.Oldfield@state.ma.us Disaster Assistance Update I. Individual Assistance As of the close of business on April 28, 2010, 27,316 people have registered with FEMA for disaster assistance. The breakdown by county is: Bristol 5444 Essex 2598 Middlesex 7071 Norfolk 5149 Plymouth 4285 Suffolk 1396 Worcester 1333 77% of those applying for assistance under the Individuals and Households Program (cash grants) have been deemed eligible for assistance. FEMA has approved assistance under this program totaling

FEMA claim deadline July 24th, please read.

Note from our Fire Chief… Janet,    Could you email this to anyone who might not be aware of the deadline?     Anyone who suffered flood damage and had insurance should at least consider starting a FEMA claim, if they haven�t already.  If a claim is put on record, residents can always go back later for anything that the insurance didn�t cover.  They have to get the claim started before the deadline to be eligible.    The deadline for homeowners,

FEMA declaration – note from NR Fire Chief

Could you send this out to your neighbors:    The Federal Government finally declared this county a disaster area and the federal programs will begin to become available.  To qualify and apply, residents should call the FEMA hot line at 1-800-621-3362 to get additional information and apply.  Applications can also be made on line a www.fema.gov .    Once applications are received, FEMA representatives will come out to inspect the claims before processing any assistance.  I suggest that anyone wanting

Disaster Releif – Please take advantage of this

Information below on Disaster Relief Inc.    Please, many of you are not taking advantage of the relief services available.  You are entitled to this, much of it is government grant funded, you pay taxes, you work, don’t take a hit when there is help available.  Don’t wait for FEMA to sign up and take things from these programs.   The information below was provided by our Board of Health Agent Martin Fair.  Mary Prenney of the Senior Center in

Update Sat 9AM 5/20

Water levels down to 78feet 1 inch.  down 3.5 inches from yesterday. FEMA and MEMA toured the neighborhood yesterday with the Fire Chief, Town Manager, and Assessor. Thanks you those of you who spoke to them, and thank you Ken for your report.  It was important that they see the faces connected with this loss and you all did that. I gave both of them CD’s of all the pictures you all have sent me.  I also gave copies to

update 8am friday

Waters have receded to 78feet 4.5 inches, or 78.375 feet above sea level.   Yesterday at this time water levels were at 78 feet 8.5 inches or 78.71 feet above sea level.   We’ve dropped 4 inches in 24 hours.   FEMA and MEMA are visiting our neighborhood late AM early PM with the Fire Chief.  Some of you have responded that you will be there for them to come in and I’m giving them your names and addresses.  Please