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Septic Program underway

35 people and counting have signed up for the discounted septic pumping.  That’s great!   If you are waiting to hear from Bill Hickey of AB Septic to get yours done, don’t worry. I talked to him last night and he said he will call and give you several days notice.  He said with all the response he will be pumping through April and maybe into May. He is very agreeable and if the date he assigns is not good for you


Hi, The Community Septic Program is underway and we are hoping to encourage area residents to pump their septics more frequently for the good of all.   So what about Sewering around the pond?  Will it ever happen?   Well, we will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday April 12th at 7:30PM. Location should be Town Hall, but check back here to verify.  The North Reading Wastewater and Stormwater Committee is going to give a presentation on the progress

Community Septic Program

Hi, Save money and keep the area clean.  Lida and I are  working on a Community Septic Pumping Program.  She has secured a neighborhood deal of $100 for 1000 gallon tank, or $150 for 1500 gallon tank.  We will be firming up the dates because you will need to be ready for it during a one or two week span in April 2006.  You must dig up your cover yourself and have it ready by the date given.  This deal